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Monday, October 12, 2009

Award from Nivedita

I have received this award from Nivedita.I would like to thank Nivedita on passing this wonderful award to me...thank u very much.. :)

Here is the meme part:

  • Where is ur cell phone : In my hand
  • Ur hair:black
  • ur mother: Tamilselvi
  • Ur father: Nagarajan
  • Ur fav food: Idli
  • Ur dream last night:None
  • Ur fav drink:Badam milk
  • Ur dream:nothing
  • Wat room u r in:Hall
  • Ur hobby:Drawing
  • Ur fear:Cockroach
  • Where do u want to be in 6 yrs:India
  • Where r u last night:home
  • Where did u grow up:Tamilnadu
  • Last thing u did: watched songs
  • Ur t.v:Off
  • Ur pets:no
  • Ur friends:Swathi,Sangee
  • Ur life:Simple
  • Ur mood:Cool
  • Missing some one:My Parents
  • Vehicle:no
  • Something u r not wearing: Bangles
  • Ur fav store:Many
  • Ur fav color: Blue
  • When was the last time u laughed:Just now!
  • Last time u cried: Day b4 yesterday :(
  • Ur best friend:My laptop
  • One place I go over and over:Meenakshi amman temple
  • One person who emails me regularly:None
  • Fav place to eat: My home in India
I would like to share this award with,

Sarah Naveen


  1. Congrats malar ... u truely deserve it and thanks for passing it to me too. I am honoured.

  2. Congrats and enjoyed knowing about u..Wish u a get lots more in future..

  3. Congrats and enjoyed reading your meme!

  4. Congrats Malar, nice to know more about u..



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